Insidious (Deeper Under Your Skin Edit)

by Shadows of Life

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Think of it as a virus. Once it gets inside you, it begins to take over. As your fever rises, more sounds are added to the tune, making it more dense...and adding to the tension. Near the end, the virus launches its final push. Despite your body's defenses, the virus wins...and completely consumes you. Then, it settles down into "the new normal".

Or, think of it as three minutes and twenty seconds of odd noises. Either way, it's only a buck, if you want to buy it. (And the virus that's about to take you over insists you do.)

Oh...and that image of the virus? Yeah, don't worry--that's just the flu. Just get some rest and drink plenty of fluids. You'll be fine.

Copyright 2015 Steve Henshaw. All rights reserved.


released August 25, 2015
Composed, performed and produced by Shadows of Life



all rights reserved


Shadows of Life Tampa, Florida

Shadows of Life explores the darker sides, themes and emotions of life through instrumental music.

Just as the "darker sides of life" have many different shades of emotions, Shadows of Life expresses those emotions through different styles of music. Most of our music is synth-driven, but you'll also hear riffing guitars, soaring melodies and other things not usually found in "electronic" music.
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